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Top Spectator Points as voted for by you

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29 April 2019

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Top Spectator Points as voted for by you

We asked our followers what their favourite places are to watch the racing from which we then created this handy guide.

We have listed ten of the most popular vantage points which we are sure you will agree with, but we would love to hear from you if we haven’t listed your favourite.

Sulby Bridge


Competitors approach flat out from Sulby village and brake hard for the tight right hand corner. Excellent views from the grandstand there and St Judes Road on the outside of the course and some parts of the hedge on the approach. Please respect Prohibited areas. On race days there is usually a marquee in the field that backs on to Sulby Bridge serving light refreshments, snacks, sandwiches etc.




Very fast section of the course leading on from Glen Vine, Crosby is a straight stretch of road which gently rises uphill before dropping down towards the Highlander.


Conker Fields


A very fast section of road, including the bumpy left hander around the famous K-tree. Access for spectators is limited to race days and to an specific areas on both sides of the course, with parking accessible off Lezayre Church Road. The remainder of the land is private and spectators are requested to respect the privacy of landowners. The spectator area is only accessible whilst roads are open. If you choose to watch from here, then you are here until roads reopen.


Keppel Gate and Kate’s


Great views on a spectacular section of the course. At Kepple Gate, view the competitors approaching from the 33rd and negotiating the left hand corner before dropping down to Kate’s Cottage and the famous Creg ny Baa. The action is fast and spectacular.


Creg ny Baa


The Creg ny Baa is a very popular place to watch from. Spectacular action on one of the fastest parts of the course. Please note that there may well be a charge for spectating from the grandstands situated at the Creg ny Baa.




A 200-seat grandstand at Hillberry gives a great view of the competitors coming down from Brandish through the fast right hander and on up to Cronk-ny-Mona. There is a charge to view from the Grandstand during races, a lesser charge for practices. There is also limited viewing from behind the Road Closed barrier on the Little Mill junction.




The view from the Bungalow is one of the longest on the course, all the way from the exit of the Verandah to the entry into Brandywell, some 1.5 miles later. At the Bungalow you can cross the road using the footbridge to get a different perspective. Be prepared to wrap up, it can be quite cold! Please observe any prohibited and restricted areas.


Bray Hill


Spectacular and very fast, the leading riders only shutting off slightly at the bottom before accelerating down Quarterbridge Road. Lancaster Road, Hildesley Road and Malvern Road offer limited viewing. The bottom of Bray Hill has great views of the riders accelerating away over Ago’s leap.


Glen Helen


Site of the first commentary point, fans can spectate from an elevated vantage point offering excellent views of the riders approaching before they sweep around the long left-hander and make their way up Creg Willey’s Hill. Trackside viewing can also be found along the banks and stone walls on the approach to Glen Helen whilst there’s lots more top action and easy spectating around Laurel Bank and Black Dub in particular.




Quarterbridge offers a great view of the riders as they tackle this technical section. There are two good vantage points – one directly outside the pub and one on the embankment facing the exit. Riders approach hard on the brakes before taking the sharp right and then accelerating away over the second roundabout. Spectators can also view the riders taking flight on the approach to Quarterbridge by making their way to the junction with Alexander Drive. There are excellent facilities close by with food and petrol available on Peel Road, and easy access to town.




After a very fast seven miles Ballacraine is a tight right hand corner which takes the competitors on to the Glen Helen section of the course. Best viewing is from the embankment opposite Ballacraine Farm.


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