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14 April 2019

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No other circuit in the world compares to the 37+ miles Mountain Course with its never-ending bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles. Speeds of up to 200mph will leave you breathless.


The Course has many places where you can stand or sit a hedge to watch free of charge. To make the most of your trip, we have done all the hard work and put together a handy guide of the most popular spots from, for visitors new and old.


Grandstand/Noble’s Park


Great venue for soaking up the TT atmosphere with elevated tiered seating for approx 1,050 spectators in the main grandstand opposite the traditional scoreboards operated by scores of boy scouts. Good views of start and finish with the fastest riders hitting over 170mph as they complete their laps, plus the frantic activity of riders making their pitstops. There is a smaller grandstand in Noble’s Park looking back up Glencrutchery Road towards the pits. From the park wall you can also get close to the bikes as they make their way back up the return lane after finishing.


St Ninians


Competitors approach down Glencrutchery Road from the Grandstand and become airborne as they pass through the junction. You can spectate from both sides of the road but viewing is best from St Andrew’s Churchyard or St Ninian’s High School playing fields.


Bray Hill

Spectacular and very fast, the leading riders not shutting off at all as they reach the bottom dip at over 180 mph. Lancaster Road, Hildesley Road and Malvern Road offer limited viewing. The bottom of Bray Hill has great views of the riders rocketing away over Ago’s leap.




Quarterbridge is a very popular place. There are two good vantage points on the outside of the circuit here, one directly outside the pub, the other on the grassy embankment on the corner. Riders can be seen braking from max speed, taking the sharp bend and then accelerating away towards Braddan Bridge.


Braddan Bridge


Braddan Grandstand has seating for approx 400 spectators giving an excellent view of the S-bend, or you can spectate from the Church grounds on the exit of Braddan Bridge. A  charge is made for entrance to both the Grandstand and the Church grounds.


Union Mills


Very popular, Union Mills offers three good vantage points. The Railway Inn on the outside of the course has an elevated beer garden which has a great view of the approach. On the inside of the course you can watch from the Church Hall or the Memorial Hall – but get there early!


Crosby Village


Very fast section of the course leading on from Glen Vine, Crosby is a ‘nearly-straight’ stretch of road which gently rises uphill before dropping down towards the Highlander. Base yourself at the popular Crosby pub on a sunny day and it’s racing bliss!  No access whilst roads are closed.


The Hawthorn


Another fast section of the course just after Greeba Castle and Greeba Bridge. Viewing is only from The Hawthorn pub at side of the road as you see the competitors exit Greeba Bridge and head on towards Gorselea and Ballacraine. No access during closed roads but the pub helps make it a day out!




After a very fast seven miles, Ballacraine is a tight right-hand corner which takes the competitors on to the Glen Helen section of the course. Best viewing is from the embankment opposite Ballacraine Farm where seating and catering facilities are available from the farmer.  Good access from Douglas and the South with ample parking on the approach road.


Glen Helen


Glen Helen has good facilities and is also a radio commentary point. As well as being able to view from the roadside entrance, you can also spectate from behind the small wall up to the wooden fence after which it is clearly marked as a Prohibited Area. You can also climb up into the wooded area above for an elevated view of the action. No access during closed roads but there is a restaurant at the site.


Cronk Y Voddy


From Sarah’s Cottage to the Cronk-y-Voddy crossroads, the land either side of the course is mainly agricultural. You can watch from a number of spots but check with farmers and marshals before making yourself at home (and please remember the country code and dispose of any litter responsibly). Access at the cross-roads at the end of the straight from outside and inside the circuit and watch the very fast right-hander or just enjoy the long view back down the straight.




A spectacular and fast left-hand curve at the top of Barregarrow. Get here early if you want to get a good spot to view from. Road access from outside and inside the circuit. On the inside of the course you can walk down to the bottom of Barregarrow but take note viewing is very limited.


Douglas Road Corner & The Mitre Hotel


From the junction, you can see the approach to the right-hand bend into Kirk Michael. There is viewing from the Mitre Hotel with less visibility but more beer and a great atmosphere, and you must get here before the roads close!


Kirk Michael


There are a few small spots for spectators in the village itself including Whitehouse Park where there is a small charge on race days. Several side roads offer limited spectating opportunities. No access while roads are closed.


Ballaugh Bridge


After getting airborne over the hump-backed bridge, the riders speed away through the village. Viewing is permitted from behind the barriers at both sides of the junction. The outside has better visibility while the inside has the Raven Hotel. From the Raven, you can watch from the car park. Road access from inside and outside the circuit.


Quarry Bends


A spectacular sequence of right-left-right-left-right fast sweeping bends.  Viewing from the Wildlife Park car park entrance is limited but very good. Please respect the Prohibited and Restricted Area signs. Limited access from Kirk Michael via a greenway road.


Sulby Crossroads


At Sulby there’s great high-speed action as the bikes tear along the straight! Blink and you’ll miss ’em. No shortage of refreshments here! The Sulby Glen Hotel is a top TT venue with loads of atmosphere, good food and good beer. Road access from inside and outside the circuit. Village stores on either side of road also open.


Sulby Bridge


Competitors approach flat out from Sulby village and brake hard for the tight right-hand corner.Access from St Judes Road on the outside of the course and sit on the hedge or buy a seat on the small grandstand.  Please respect Prohibited areas. On race days there is usually a marquee in the field that backs on to Sulby Bridge serving light refreshments, snacks, sandwiches etc.


Ginger Hall


Another popular spectator venue featuring one of the many real ale pubs around the course. This one gives views of the approach from Sulby Bridge around the quick left-hander and on towards the Kerrowmoar section of the course.  Road access from inside the course.




Excellent place to watch the racing from. Fast left-hand corner, quite bumpy with a fair bit of overtaking. There is a small charge, which goes to a chosen motorcycle charity, for pedestrian access to the fields. From there you are able to take in the action from Churchtown all the way down to Sky Hill. At Milntown there is a limited but spectacular viewing as competitors jump over the Glen Auldyn bridge and immediately have to negotiate a very fast right-hand corner.


Parliament Square, Ramsey


Parliament Square is a very popular place to spectate with loads of room and good views as the riders brake into the right-hander, accelerate across the square and sweep out via a fast left-hander.


Cruickshanks/May Hill


Cruickshanks and May Hill is a superb viewing area. On the outside of the course, Parsonage Road gives a wide view of Cruickshanks and the rise up May Hill. Good viewing on May Hill itself on both the outside, Beaumont Road and Lheaney Road which is just before the left-hand corner Whitegates, and inside with a great view from the end of the lane below Glen Elfin Road. Spectators can get to the inside of the course by crossing the footbridge situated in Close Woirrey, close to the old school. It’s possible to get to the playground on the inside of Cruickshanks or back down to Parliament Square.


Ramsey Hairpin


At the hairpin itself, there’s another radio commentary point relaying all the excitement as the riders negotiate the bend at the start of their climb up the Mountain. There’s limited spectating from the grassy area on the inside of the bend.


Gooseneck & Guthries


A very popular vantage point, The Gooseneck is a tight right-hander after the climb out of Ramsey. Good view of the competitors approaching from Tower Bends and braking hard for the corner. For those who are feeling energetic, you can walk up to Guthrie’s Memorial, an S-bend on the mountain climb which precedes the Mountain Mile. If there’s a lull in the action sit back and take in the glorious views of the north of the Island, across to the Cumbrian coast and Scotland.




The view from the Bungalow is one of the longest on the course, all the way from the exit of the Verandah to the entry into Brandywell, some 1.5 miles later. At the Bungalow, you can cross the road using the footbridge to get a different perspective. Be prepared to wrap up, it can be quite cold! Please observe any prohibited and restricted areas.




Good views of the riders accelerating up Hailwood Heights from the Bungalow. As the highest part of the course, Brandywell starts the descent of the Mountain section of the course towards the 32nd Milestone and Windy Corner.


Keppel Gate and Kate’s


Great views on a spectacular section of the course. At Kepple Gate, view the competitors approaching from the 33rd and negotiating the left-hand corner before dropping down to Kate’s Cottage and the famous Creg Ny Baa. The action is fast and spectacular.


Creg Ny Baa


The Creg Ny Baa is a very popular place to watch from. Spectacular action on one of the fastest parts of the course. Please note that there may well be a charge for spectating from the grandstands situated at the Creg.




A 200-seat grandstand at Hillberry gives a great view of the competitors coming down from Brandish through the fast right-hander and on up to Cronk-ny-Mona. There is a charge to view from the Grandstand during races, a lesser charge for practices. There is also limited viewing from behind the Road Closed barrier on the Little Mill junction.


Signpost Corner


Signpost is very popular and the private house owned by the Bullock family is open to the public on race days for a donation to the Helicopter Fund and other race charities. There are good views, from a great position, all the way down to the left-hand Bedstead corner.


Governor’s Bridge


Governor’s Bridge is great for photographs as the riders slow right down for the tight right-hander. There was a new viewing area established at Governors in 2009. Access to this area will be clearly marked. You can also spectate from the top of Victoria Road as the competitor’s exit Governor’s Bridge dip.


Glencrutchery Road


This area is within walking distance of the TT Grandstand. The playing fields next to Police Headquarters are a popular and spacious area to spectate from, with views of the competitors exiting Governor’s Bridge and also the entrance to the pits and grandstand, but please be aware this is a helicopter landing site and access may be limited. You can also watch from the inside of the course at First, Second or Third Avenue.


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