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The Top 5 Pubs on the Mountain Course

The Mountain Course is unique in many ways. It is one of the longest, oldest and fastest motorcycle race courses in the world. It must also have one of the biggest collections of pubs on any race course in the world. Here’s our rundown of five of the best you can watch the action from.


The Raven, Ballaugh

On an ordinary day there’s not much to indicate The Raven in Ballaugh has one of the most spectacular vantage points on the Mountain Course, but come race day, the walls of the pub’s car park are lined with fans eager to see the world’s best road racers tackle the big jump over the famous humpbacked bridge. Spectacular really is the only word...


The Sulby Glen, Sulby

Possibly the only pub in the world with a Honda 4 motor converted into a beer pump. Certainly the only pub with a 200mph straight literally on the front doorstep. Sulby Straight is one of the fastest sections of the Course and, as the name suggests, the Sulby Glen is right there for the view. As well as a good view of the action, you’re also assured of good food and drink.


The Central, Ramsey

Imagine standing, beer in hand, watching Superbikes flying towards you, braking all over the road then flicking into a right-left-right S-bend and revving away towards the Hairpin and the Mountain. That’s the reality at the Central. Directly across the road is Swan which has an even better view of the machines as they power out of Parliament Square. Either way, you’ll have a great view of the action.


The Crosby, Crosby

Just a few miles from the startline, you can’t miss the Crosby with it’s sign proudly displaying a 1930s Norton racer. With a large beer garden on the side of the Course, large bar and restaurant, The Crosby is an understandably popular location to watch the action from. The one “downside” is that the pub is inside the Course, so once the roads are closed you’re in for the duration.


The Creg-ny-Baa

The “Creg” is probably the most famous pub in motorsport. Certainly, it is the most well photographed. All of the greats from Geoff Duke, Mike Hailwood and Agostine through to Joey Dunlop, John McGuinness and Peter Hickman have had their pictures taken as they tackle the tight righthander on the descent from the Mountain towards Hillberry and the Grandstand. Phenomenal view, and phenomenally popular. A ‘must’ for any fan.