All you need to know about booking your ferry to the Isle of Man TT

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12 August 2020

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Booking a ferry to the Isle of Man TT can sometimes feel like you are searching for the golden ticket. Hopefully after reading this article you will feel more informed and understand how the booking process works for future events.

When do tickets go on sale?

Sailings for the Isle of Man TT are released a year in advance, usually the week before TT practice week so keep your eyes peeled. If you are signed up to our newsletter we will let you know once they have gone on sale. All ferry crossing times are provisional and are subject to change but changes are likely to be a hour later or earlier, nothing to major to worry about.

Will more sailings be released?

This is a question we are often asked by our customers and unfortunately the answer is no. There is only one ferry company serving the Isle of Man the Steam Packet Company and they release the full TT schedule when the sailings go on sale.

When will I know the cost of the ferry?

In November/December the final ferry costs are published by the ferry company. Everyone who has made a booking will receive an updated booking confirmation with the final amount due which must be paid by January/February.

What happens to ferry bookings which haven’t been paid for?

With the ferry booking process starting a year in advance of the upcoming event not all customers who book a ticket and pay a deposit proceeds and pay’s the final balance. All of the unpaid bookings are held in the system before being released to the public in early March, this is the last chance you will have to secure your preferred sailing. You can also use this opportunity to change your original sailing if you prefer different dates or times. Please note however that over the last couple of years the number of sailings which have been cancelled due to non payment have decreased and there is no guarantee that you will get a sailing if you wait until March.

Are there still sailings available for next year’s event?

Yes is the short answer.The most popular dates for ferry travel over to the Island have always been the Friday before the first race day and the weekend after the final race day, outside of this there is always some availability. Sailings for peak days and peak times sell out within days of going on sale but if you are prepared to be flexible than we will always try and find a way for you to get to the TT.

How much does the ferry cost to the Isle of Man TT?

Based on our experience from previous events we estimate the cost to be in the region of £120 for return foot passenger sailing, £280 for a return motorbike and rider sailing and between £450-£550 for a return car sailing and 2 passengers. A £60 deposit is required for a vehicle sailings and up to 2 passengers and £30 deposit for a single foot passenger sailing. Booking travel to the Isle of Man TT is the single most important aspect of your TT trip and it should not be underestimated how important it is to get your travel organised in advance. Our friendly sales team are on hand to assist with your IOM TT booking, just give us a call on 640044 or check out our website for our latest offers.