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Everything you need to know about the event
Held every year, the Manx Grand Prix and its ‘Classic TT’ races are a great way to experience racing on the famous Mountain Course but with the added interest of a wide range of bikes from the TT’s glorious past ridden by some of the TT’s current stars.

Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the event, from its rich history to the 2024 schedule and practical information on accommodation and travel. So whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or a curious newcomer, this guide will ensure you make the most of your visit to this iconic event.


The Manx Grand Prix (MGP) is an annual motorcycle race held on the Isle of Man, on the world-renowned TT Mountain Course, a 37.73-mile circuit made up of closed public roads that wind through the towns and countryside.


The origins of the Manx Grand Prix date back to 1923. Initially, the event was created as an amateur alternative to the Isle of Man TT to counteract the dominance of the TT by professional teams and professional riders. ’The Manx’ as it generally known allowed amateur riders to learn the course and showcase their talents on the same challenging roads as the TT, fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie among enthusiasts.
Over the years, it became a crucial stepping stone for many future TT stars, from Geoff Duke and Phil Read to Phillip McCallen and Michael Dunlop, all looking to test themselves on the Mountain Course.

Following the success of events like the Goodwood Revival and growing interest in seeing older machines being raced, the event would eventually allow ‘professional’ riders to compete in the MGP classic classes. In 2013, the classic races were split off and rebranded as the Classic TT to be run with the Manx each year up until 2023, when the classic races were incorporated back under the Manx Grand Prix title. The classic races still attract some of the World’s best road racers, with big names such as Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison, John McGuinness and James Hillier all competing at the 2023 event.

The races offer an exhilarating experience for any motorcycle racing fan seeking an up-close experience. The event spans nine days, with qualifying sessions taking place on the first five days and racing taking up the rest. Here’s what you can look forward to:


The event features various classes split over multiple races, allowing fans to experience the best of modern and classic machinery at the event. The event includes two traditional Manx Grand Prix amateur races and four ‘Classic TT’ races.


Lightweight Manx Grand Prix – 3 Laps
Classic Senior Manx Grand Prix – 4 Laps


Classic Junior Manx Grand Prix – 3 Laps
Junior Manx Grand Prix – 4 Laps


Senior Manx Grand Prix – 4 Laps
Classic Superbike Manx Grand Prix – 4 Laps

With the addition of the Classic Junior race in 2024, fans will now see four races on the Mountain Course featuring some of road racing’s finest.


Although the Junior and Senior Manx Grand Prix races are limited to amateurs only, the remaining four Classic TT races are open to all, with the top riders capable of lapping on classic machines at speeds often close to their laps on modern TT machinery.

The 2023 races attracted plenty of top-tier road racers, including the below, so you can expect a star-studded start line at this year’s event.

Michael Dunlop
John McGuinness
Dean Harrison
Michael Rutter
James Hillier
Mike Browne
Davo Johnson

Riders contesting this year’s event are set to be officially announced over the coming weeks. However, Laycock Racing recently announced that Mike Browne and Ian Lougher will be competing in the Lightweight Race. Browne and Lougher claimed first and second place, respectively, in last year’s race, so they will be pushing to see similar success at the 2024 event.


While the racing is undoubtedly the main attraction, there is plenty to do outside of it. Here are our highlights.


The Isle of Man Motor Museum in Jurby is a treasure trove for automotive enthusiasts. The museum features an extensive collection of vehicles, including classic cars, motorcycles, and racing memorabilia. Including a dedicated TT Gallery it’s a fantastic place to delve into the island’s rich motoring history and see some iconic machines up close. Allow plenty of time for a visit as there is so much to see.


For those interested in the broader history and culture of the Isle of Man, the Manx Museum in Douglas is a must-visit. The museum houses exhibits on the island’s Celtic and Viking heritage and unique political status. The museum also houses the Isle of Man TT Gallery, which showcases the event’s rich history through a variety of exhibits, including the Mercury trophies presented to the winners since 1907 and the motorcycles, sidecars, leathers, and helmets used by some of its most iconic racers.


The MGP Fan Park is a hub of activity, offering entertainment, food stalls, merchandise, and more. It’s a great place to soak up the atmosphere, meet fellow fans, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of your favourite riders. The Fan Park often features live music, rider interviews, and prize presentations, making it a lively and engaging part of the MGP experience.


For those looking to understand better what it takes to race on the Mountain, a lap of the course with a top TT rider is highly recommended. These experiences allow you to hear from the riders themselves about how they tackle the different sections of the course, pointing out the markers they use and what speeds they would be going at throughout the lap, an insight you wouldn’t get from just riding the course yourself.

Coach tour laps during can be booked here and are also available through Official MGP Travel Partner Duke Travel as part of their Ultimate Hotel Packages.


Here are some recommendations from Duke Travel to help you find the perfect place to stay during your visit.


Hotels offer a more luxurious option for visitors, making them ideal for anyone looking for the perfect trip to the event. All three of the hotels that we offer as part of our Manx Grand Prix hotel packages are located on Douglas Promenade, just a short walk from the Main Grandstand, Paddocks and Fan Park, putting you in the heart of the action. We’ve handpicked each location to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit.


A contemporary 4-star hotel


An elegant 3-star hotel


A 3-star hotel with an onsite casino


Glamping is the perfect option for those looking to experience the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT races on a budget. Glamping offers comfortable accommodation in a 5-metre bell tent equipped with proper mattresses, linen, duvets, and pillows, along with great on-site facilities like toilets, showers, and parking.

Glamping packages are available at 4Ever Glamping, located in Colby, in the south of the island. They start from just £435 per person for five nights.


The Isle of Man is accessible by air and sea, with various options depending on your starting point. Here’s how you can reach this beautiful island for the event.


The Isle of Man Airport (Ronaldsway) is located in the south of the island, near Castletown. It offers regular flights to and from several UK airports, including:

London Gatwick (Easyjet)
London Heathrow and City (Loganair)
Manchester (Easyjet and Loganair)
Liverpool (Easyjet and Loganair)
Birmingham (Loganair)
Bristol (Easyjet)
Edinburgh (Loganair)

Flights are also available from Dublin and Belfast


Ferry services to the Isle of Man are operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

Heysham (Lancashire)

With 600 miles of roads to explore a car or bike is a great way to fully explore the Island. The ferry terminal is located in Douglas, providing easy access to local transportation and accommodations. Duke Travel offer packages including ferry and accommodation.


Once on the island, getting around is relatively straightforward. The Isle of Man has a good public transport system, including buses and the historic steam and electric railways. However, bringing your own car or motorcycle can give you more flexibility, especially if you plan to explore the island’s more remote areas.

Ferry space for cars and bikes is now limited on peak dates but there is ample space for guests travelling without a vehicle. Foot passenger packages include the excellent Go Explore cards covering unlimited bus, steam train and electric tram travel


Official Travel Partner Duke Travel has a range of packages available for the event, all from Thursday, 22nd August, to Tuesday, 27th August. Simply choose your accommodation and package type—bronze, silver, or gold at

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