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Watching the Isle of Man TT is an experience like no other. There’s nowhere in the world where you can access so many viewing locations that are so close to the action. However, with so many locations to choose from, finding one that’s right for you can be a bit mind-boggling, particularly if it’s your first time at the event.

This week we continue our series of awesome locations to watch near our great accommodation with the top 5 spectator spots accessible from our highly rated IOMTT Village.


Nobles Park Grandstand

Often overshadowed by the main TT Grandstand, Nobles Park Grandstand offers a unique view of the Start and Finish Line. The positioning of the grandstand often makes you feel as if the riders are heading straight for you as they hurtle past at top speeds offering a very surreal experience. One of the main draws of this grandstand is that it is the first place riders get to once they finish the race, with winners often treating the fans to a celebratory burnout.

Nobles Park Grandtsand TT Viewing Location


Signpost Corner

A popular spot amongst the fans, Signpost offers great views of the bikes powering into the corner before speeding off towards Bedstead. Spectators can watch from a seated area in the private garden on the topside of the corner on race days for a small charitable donation or watch from the grass bank after the exit to get a bit closer to the action.


Black Dub Grandstand

Although this location is not located near the IOMTT Village, it’s potentially one of the easiest to get to with our direct transfer from the Village. The Black Dub is another unique experience that every spectator needs to experience at least once. It provides epic views of the action, and the noise of the approaching bikes reverberating off the valley walls is unrivalled. Black Dub Grandstand tickets with coach transfers are available for each qualifying and race session. Book now through our partner at

Black Dub Grandstand TT Viewing Location


Governors Bridge

Although not one of the fastest locations on the course, Governors Bridge still provides a lot of excitement. The extremely tight hairpin corner forces competitors to slow right down, making it a particularly tricky part of the course and with the finish line just a few hundred metres away, the pressure is always on at this point to get the best result. With riders slowing down, this is also a perfect place to get a great photograph of the action.


St Ninians Crossroads

Just a short walk away, St Ninians is another popular spot amongst fans staying at the IOMTT Village. Fans are treated to riders leaping the crossroads at incredible speeds before the drop-off down Bray Hill. Spectators can view from both sides of the road, but whichever side you choose, we’d recommend getting there early to secure yourself a prime spot.

St Ninians Crossroads TT Viewing Location

With so many viewing locations accessible from the IOMTT Village, we couldn’t think of a better place for the base of your TT adventure. On top of these locations, the Village is also just a few hundred metres away from the TT Grandstand/Paddock area and just a short walk into Douglas town centre, so you’re never far from any of the action.

For those of you still looking to book your stay at the IOMTT Village, we’ve included some of our favourite packages below.



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