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Top 5 Viewing Locations Near Zoo Bells Glamping

With TT just two months away, you may be beginning to wonder where’s best to watch during your visit. Over the next weeks, we’ll provide our top five locations you can get to from each of our different accommodations. This week we’re bringing you our top five viewing locations near Braddan Bridge Campsite and Zoo Bells Glamping, both located at Ballafletcher Sports Ground.

Don’t forget if you’re still looking to book your accommodation for this year’s event, space remains throughout the TT fortnight for both options.


Braddan Bridge

The location from which our campsite takes its name, Braddan Bridge, is a much-loved spot and for a good reason. Traditional grandstand-style seating provides a spectacular view of the tricky chicane for a small charge and offers a comfortable day of watching the racing. Refreshments and facilities are also available.

Braddan Bridge TT Viewing Location


Bray Hill

4 Bottom of Bray Hill If you’ve ever watched a compilation of the TT highlights, the chances are you’ve probably seen the spine-tingling footage of racers plummeting down Bray Hill. It’s one of the first obstacles that riders have to tackle as they take on the Mountain Course and it’s a spot every spectator needs to watch from. The action can be viewed from both sides of the road. However, we’d recommend getting there early to claim a prime spot outside the course.


Union Mills

Within walking distance, the small village of Union Mills is another spot for those staying at Zoo Bells and Braddan Bridge Campsite. The village has several great vantage points, but we’d recommend the Railway Inn’s beer garden. There you’ll find the best view, and you’ll get to enjoy it with a drink in hand.

Union Mills TT Viewing Location


The TT Grandstand

As the most iconic location on our list, The TT Grandstand is also the most popular. Grandstand viewing offers great views along Glencrutchery Road, allowing you to see the excitement down in the pits on race days. For those of you who don’t fancy paying for a seat in the Grandstand, there are plenty of free viewing spots nearby, each offering an equally enjoyable experience.

The paddock area behind the Grandstand is also free for all fans to wander, giving you the chance to see the teams at work preparing the bikes for the next session. You may also get a chance to meet a few of the top riders along the way.



Just a short way up the road from the campsite lies Hillberry, one of the most spectacular locations on the course. The corner offers views of riders flying by just feet away at speeds approaching 140mph - an experience you’ll never forget.

Hillberry is a firm favourite amongst fans for incredible views but that does mean that the good spaces fill up fast. For this reason we always recommend reserving a seat in the fanzone. With prices starting from just £5 a ticket, it’s definitely worth the money for a guaranteed view of the action.

Hillberry TT Viewing Location

Hopefully the above list has given you a better perspective on the awesome viewing locations near the Ballafletcher Sports Ground site, however with so many outstanding locations around the course, we could have picked many more. 

If you’ve yet to book your TT trip then don’t worry there’s still time and availability. We now have 3-night travel packages for Zoo Bells which start from £475 per person whilst camping pitches for Braddan Bridge Campsite can be booked through our partners at Duke Video from just £18 a night.

Come back next week for our top 5 viewing locations near the IOMTT Village.