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With less than four months to go until the Isle of Man TT races return for the first time in three years, we thought we’d give you a rundown of what we’re looking forward to most at TT 2022.


Live Video Coverage

Yes you read that correctly, whether you are watching trackside or sneakily checking for updates when your boss isn’t looking, you will now be able to live stream the action-packed excitement taking place around the 37 and ¾ quarter mile mountain course. The live video coverage will be hosted on the TT’s brand new digital channel set to be launched in spring 2022. The channel will also feature extensive interviews and a TT preview show along with other live events.

The channel will likewise include a highly anticipated feature length documentary film similar to that of the critically acclaimed TT3D: Closer to the Edge alongside an 8 part docuseries akin to the Netflix Formula 1 series Drive to survive.

With plenty of exciting and dramatic content being accessible to a world-wide audience, 2022 is set to be an epic comeback for the Isle of Man TT.


Super Changes for the Supertwin Class

Some excitement for the more technically minded motorsport fans amongst us as there is to be some changes within the supertwin category for TT 2022.

Along with a name change from the Lightweight TT to the Supertwin TT there will also be some rule changes for this class at the upcoming event. Competitors will now be permitted to enter twin cylinder machines upto 700cc. Previously riders had only been allowed to use machines limited to 650cc or less.

The changes in the regulations has excited fans and riders alike with the possibility of Yamaha and Aprilia challenging within the class that has previously been dominated by Kawasaki and Paton.


Major Changes to Improve Event Safety

Although famous for being amongst the most dangerous races in the world, the TT will now take a new approach when it comes to risk. It was previously believed by many involved in the event that the dangers of road racing are an inherent part of the TT. This year however race organisers will be implementing the new Safety Management System to help mitigate the risks of racing the mountain course.

Many of the changes being implemented may not be visible to the average spectator, including alterations to the organisational structure of the event and the training marshals will receive, however there will be some that the fans may notice. These include the use of an electronic red flag system, similar to those used in F1 and MotoGP, and the reduction of race entries aimed at increasing overall standards and professionalism. The changes will also include a single-lap warm-up on race days to allow riders to gauge the conditions around the course.

The successful implementation of the changes associated with the new Safety Management System should remove any unnecessary risks facing competitors and in turn make the event more enjoyable and sustainable for years to come.


Sidecar Shake Up

Three wheel fans will be excited with the announcement that, similar to the Supertwin Class, there has been a change in the regulations allowing bigger engined outfits to be entered. Teams will now be able to enter machines using 900cc parallel twin-cylinder engines meaning we may see a variety of powerplants being used from a wider range of street bikes.

This change in engine size may see competitors taking advantage of increased torque and pulling power on their outfits. These advantages will however need to be balanced through reductions in overall horsepower.

Whatever competitors choose, there is sure to be some interesting engineering challenges ahead for the teams that will spice up this year’s sidecar races.


New Immersive TT Fan Park

Originally scheduled to debut at TT 2020, the TT Fan Park is set to revolutionise the fan experience at this year’s event with uninterrupted big screen coverage, live music, signing sessions and much more running throughout the day.

Located alongside the TT Grandstand, the Fan Park will be free to access and also offer a variety of local artisan and street food venders as well an assortment of drinks at the official TT bar, The Trackside, to keep the fans fuelled for the action.

With so much excitement happening in such a condensed area, the TT Fan Park is ideal for first-time visitors looking to immerse themselves in the TT experience.

Don’t Miss Out

With a number of major changes set to be rolled out, 2022 is certain to be a monumental comeback for the Isle of Man TT races following a long three year break. Make sure you do not miss out on the experience of a life time by heading over to our TT page to book your package.